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Establish your own "Climates of Happiness"

The Science of

My purpose is to share the many exciting new discoveries of the science of mind that will let you live a richer, more meaningful life

When you incline your mind towards well-being, you don't just become a more positive person, you become more resourceful and creative. Then, one step at a time, you build a path towards wholeness and personal integration. As you travel this path, your work and your relationships also get better & better

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Sustainable Happiness is a state that we can choose to step into


Not just for a moment

Sure, happiness is a nice state of mind; but Sustainable Happiness arises from a psychological processes of wholeness & integration.

Sustainable Happiness is resourceful, nurturing, affirming. It's  both the path and the destination for creating a more empowered relationship with the world. Once you start, it just gets better and better.


How you feel when you've come alive

Howard Thurman said it best:

"Don't ask what the world needs
"Ask how you can come alive...  
Because what the world needs are people who have come alive"

Happiness is a characteristic state for people who have the experiences they crave while they engage with and contribute to others

Personal Expression

Vulnerability fuels us to live more

Do you believe you have the skills & talents to make a difference, and don't know why you aren't yet realizing your promise & potential?

The world won't recognize your talents until you do.  

How will you know? It feels great to feel happy & alive!

When do you want to start?


Tony Thayer Shares this Path

Tony's life has blessed him with a greater wisdom.  For example, when his life fell apart a few years ago; he thought he had hit bottom.  Then he was diagnosed with cancer & told to put his affairs in order.

He resolved that he would not die without finding the path to overcome the blocks that had always seemed to hold him back from happiness

A few ways to create a climate of happiness

Be aware of what is here now

Notice what you forget to notice & how it feels

Savour great feelings 

Simply feel great feelings for 15 seconds more

Share & express how you feel

People love to know!

Let others know what you need 

It is a kindness to be authentic & at ease