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"I like Tony's encouragement and flow"

Endorsements & Testimonials

“Tony helped me get to some core issues I was having as a single Mom raising my teenage daughter. He helped me shift the compounded layers of hurt, pain, and disappointment I had with my daughter’s choices and behaviors.

 Tony has a beautiful and loving way of communicating.”

 “I’ve noticed a greater sense of focus and drive – and a capacity to find ground when my experiences uproot me.  

What really stands out for me is Tony’s keen sense of curiosity mixed with compassion and heart.”

Before Tony and I worked together, I was in a difficult place. 

 Tony held incredible space for me; he brought in the power – and the positive – of the bigger picture. He gave me a new space and a new perspective, which helps me avoid getting caught up in the emotions of the moment.”

“I found Tony after years of disappointment with other approaches. This thoughtful, empathetic, and keenly observant man seems to have more tools for getting to the core of pain, frustration and blockage than any counselor I’ve met before — and more tools for helping me find solutions.


"Tony, you are an urban Shaman.
I enjoyed your skill & presence; you created an excellent container in which I was able to go deeply into my own experience. Your greatest skill is your ability to create a place of safety and exploration.

You are enthusiastic, kind, fascinated and engaged, all of which helped me to drop into the experience further still."

“Tony helped me learn to attract what I want into my life.
Tony is understanding and encouraging, and he helped me clarify what I wanted, what got in the way, what stories held me back, and who  I needed to be – now – to get what I wanted.

Tony helps you get into rapport with who you are becoming, rather than who you haused to be.”

"Tony's warm manner and sharp awareness create the potential for immediate & inspiring results.

While working with Tony, a situation came up for me with my kids that, in the “old days,” would have created lots of drama & upset.

Tony's suggestions gave me a more positive & resourceful perspective, and I found I was able to handle the situation easily, with clarity and compassion. 

“Tony is a gifted listener
and guide. I like his encouragement, flow
and compassion.

He guides clients to
their truth. It’s a
truth that, when
all the
noise and chatter
quiets down,
reveals itself.”

Reflections from workshop participants

“Tony has a calm presence and a gentle personality. It seems too simple, but Tony shows that we can control what we think, just as we control what we eat and how we move. I can control my thoughts instead of vice versa. Tony helps me form the habits of being mindful and reaching for my own happiness. And he calls me on my shit.”

“Tony is an awesome facilitator. He has a great voice which is calm and soothing, but which also catches my attention."

“Tony is a fantastic facilitator who always provides pertinent knowledge and creates a safe space for everyone to share and grow ideas. He has a strong passion for the subject matter as well as a desire for helping humanity reach its full potential.”