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Create your own "Climate of Happiness"

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My Sustainable Happiness Programs offer  
exciting and transformational ways to
a life that keeps getting better and better

2017 Workshops 

Science of Happiness Meetup

Offered with the GGSC on-line class

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Be Happier - Just Because You Can!!

Join us for this on-going workshop series that offers exercises and group-discussions while tuning into UC Berkeley's (Greater Good Science Center) free on-line "Science of Happiness Class."

We offer this Meetup twice a year. The current program runs for 10 sessions, January 12 through May 18.

Health and Leadership Program 

Created by Patricia Novick

This class offers simple yet profound leadership insights into how humans are wired to work well in teams.  

We guide you through the science - and let you experience  - the simple personal and social skills that help transform a group into a highly-functioning, self-sustaining, "job-ready" team.

In this two-day, evidence-based class, you will learn about simple methods of human engagement that challenge & engage your staff.

Sustainable Happiness

Learn how to make your life better & better!

Science has found a profound overlap between highly successful people and very happy people.

This weekend workshop provides a deep dive into the transformative possibilities of the positive states of mind that give happy, successful people thier edge

You'll discover a variety of ways to jump start your success, and learn how to choose the ones that work best foor you. Find your sustainable climate of happiness

Regarding your Self-regard

Feeling good about YOU is a great first step

The single most important indicator of happiness is your own self-regard 

This meetup offers fun and effective techniques to like yourself more

By the end of the session, you'll be on your way to a more positive outlook with a greater appreciation for your needs and the needs of others

It's a great set of insights about compassion, appreciation, and supporting growth 

Coming this October - Leo Angart's World Acclaimed 
Throw Away Your Glasses - Naturally
Vision Training Program