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This is much more than coaching!  The Tony Thayer Leadership Dojo is an experiential journey, one of becoming.  Humans are wired for “tribal bonding,” an experience all but lost in modern society and hierarchical businesses.
Tony Thayer combines decades of sales, management and executive leadership experience with deep insights in brain science and positive psychology to guide you through successive steps to experience, deep in your body, the creative power and interpersonal strength of tightly-knit teams.

The tony thayer leadership dojo

This six-month program provides the experience of tribal bonding for 10-12 leaders, so that you understand, deep in your muscle & bone, what you can help your own team experience & become

the resilience process

 Leaders have one primary task – to light the match & ignite the fire in the hearts of your team

I guide managers to master the  most essential, yet most often neglected skill, that dramatically improves team cohesion, innovation & performance – The Resilience Process

leadership mentoring

 Mentoring builds “muscle-memory” so that, in the heat of a crises, your skills & composure arise as your natural, immediate response. 

Mentoring also places you in a team of learners, where you build life-long relationships with peers, people who see your strengths & blind spots, to support your learning.

career acceleration

The faster you master the elements of resilience & leadership, the greater your financial rewards and career choices will grow (and the greater the compounding rate will expand your financial returns)

It is surprisingly simple -The most essentail quality of leadership is BEING, which takes no effort.


"In business, resilience helps transform obstacles into solutions and opportunities.  Employees who do this accelerate a culture of innovation in the workplace.”
Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow,
 Indiana University Kelley School of Business,

Don’t Settle For dysfunction

Develop the skills to help your team be more innovative & productive than you ever imagined!

The key to creating a high-performance team is to establish & build their resilience.  Resilient teams not only handle the unexpected, they show up day-to-day with creativity, responsiveness and a greater focus on results.  We train you to build resilient people, so that they can build a powerful business unit.

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bCharge Forward

Be the leader who the best talent lines up to work for

What makes resilient teams so effective is their cohesion & spirit – people love to work on winning, dynamic teams.

As you raise the bar & become a more resilient team, you also become a magnet for new talent.  Prove the value of the people you have now, and make it easier to bring in more talent when you need it. 

Resilience is a self-fulfilling proposition.

Teams grow & develop much like individuals do, so when people have a choice to work on a stimulating, welcoming & successful team, they jump at the chance. 

We teach leaders how to create powerful social climates that bring out both the creative & sopperative power from their people, so that staff go home every night feeling buoyant, energized & fulfilled. 

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Nothing motivates people like being on a winning team. Learn to harness human energy to foster team brilliance, day-by-day. Imagine seeing your team go home every night feeling buoyant, energized & fulfilled!

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