I guide leaders on the journey of business transformation

Ever since I trained as a Mountain Guide in my youth, I’ve excelled at leading people through uncharted territory and discovering unexpected opportunities.


Now, after 35 years of business leadership, I take business owners on the journey to optimize their business & their teams.  Discover how to shift your people, workflows, and relationships to create surprising new synergies.  Transform your company into a place where customers love to do business.



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The Backstory: How a Rugged Wilderness Expedition taught Me the Power of a Powerful Team

My Backstory: A Rugged Wilderness Expedition Showed Me How Powerful Teams Unleash Energy

In my 35-year corporate career, I have navigated the rocky terrain of rebuilding teams after they dropped the ball.

I was the go-to for fixing the latest disaster in operations – or to win back clients who said their previous sales reps hadn’t listened.
I turned around a failing company and I started a new division for another. I was a rainmaker who was named Sales Rep of the year at Xerox and Manager of the Year at Pitney Bowes.

But none of my successes were solo acts; my super-power is pulling people together and unlocking their hidden talents. I took over teams from supervisors who had called them losers & turned them into prize-winning champions. 

In the Cold Wyoming Wilderness, I learned how to let people reclaim their assurance, resourcefulness, and resilience.


I invite you to explore this site and learn more about our philosophy and the services we provide to leaders, businesses, and their teams.  Contact us if you want to explore this territory with us!

It will be our honor to collaborate with you and help you find your way to the future your desire.

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A Challenging Winter Climb Pushed Me Beyond My Limits

At 19, I discovered how belonging to a powerful team organically amplified my energy & personal power.

I was invited to interview at the National Outdoor Leadership School. The interview was to join the school founder on a two-week, sub-zero attempt to climb Wyoming’s Grand Tetons in January.

Six days in, the 24 members of our expedition reached base camp. From there, four teams of six each had one day to try for the top. My group went last – after the other 3 teams failed. We started at 4 AM, hungry for every extra second. As we inched up in the dark, another job candidate tried to undermine my chances of getting hired. He followed me in the dark and whispered mind games to shake my self-confidence. Then, just as the sun was rising, he tried a new tactic.  He asked our leader to send me back down – because my lower level of experience would jeopardize the team’s chances.

I was stunned and felt humiliated.  But our leader would have none of it.  He told the whole team that we could not succeed without resolute trust and positive expectations. And he ousted my antagonist for violating these values.  It was an electric moment.  It was the most audacious demonstration I’ve ever seen of someone taking my back. That vote of confidence transformed me. I had NEVER had such a strong sense of belonging to anything before – and that had never felt so important to me.

So, 20 minutes later, when I faced a technical challenge beyond my capacities – something that experience had often shown me I could not do – I unearthed a way to do it.  I became someone who could. After such a dramatic vote of trust and confidence, I was not going to let my fears hold me and the rest of my team back.

And it was not just me. After that moment, we all became unstoppable. Three hours later, we heaved ourselves up to the summit, just minutes before our “turn-around” deadline! It was one of the richest moments of my life!

A Challenging Winter Climb That Pushed Me Past My Limits

Then Cancer Showed Me It’s Important

Four decades later, my journey placed cancer and divorce in my path. In 2011, after two operations, my oncologist confided in me that I would be lucky to live five more years.

I beat the odds. Instead of licking my wounds, I faced my fears. I started volunteering, to serve others. I stopped asking “why is this happening to me?” and started asking “How is this happening for me? What is all this trying to teach me?”

I served breakfast to the homeless, supported a minister with her troubled parishioners, mediated legal disputes and taught 10-week programs on neuroscience and the science of positive psychology. By supporting others, I remembered what I learned on the mountain: we need others to break out of the limits we make up in our minds. And I overcame my cancer.

I tell these stories to illustrate the energy that pulls powerful teams together. The kind of power that you can create with your people.


Check out Tony’s blog on how cancer transformed his leadership style.

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The Backstory: How a Rugged Wilderness Expedition taught Me the Power of a Powerful Team

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My personal mission is to help people like you discover your innate capacity to be more than they have ever been – and to help them transform everyone around them.

My goal is to make the workplace the place where people flourish, pull together & blast past limitations that once held them back.

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Results for Your Business


We develop leaders who recognize the difference between what moves the needle and what doesn’t

Our approach gets results.  They let you take your business from where it has been to where you want it to go

Our programs are designed to establish a profoundly engaged and creative culture.  Your people will experience a new sense of energy, excitement & contribution. We call it the upward spiral, and, as it builds momentum, your business will soar:

    • Grow annual revenue 25-250%
    • Raise employee satisfaction by 15-65%
    • Reduce turnover by 25-100%
    • Reduce time to recruit open positions nearly 50%
    • Accelerate workflow & productivity by 33-60%
    • Reduce the length of your sales cycle by 50%
    • Convert 50% more prospects into new customers
    • Expand the lifetime value of customers by 75-250%
    • Tap the greater true potential of your people
    • Foster mutual accountability among team members
    • Reduce employee stress & sick days by 15-50%
    • Reap 50-150% more value from your employee base
    • Build a business where great people long to work and great customers love to do business

About Our Approach & Methods


We guide our clients to build better businesses, where everybody contributes, everybody wins, and everybody feels energized, buoyant, and fulfilled. Our approach is based on neuroscience and cutting-edge techniques; these are designed to create powerful shifts in the way people relate, innovate & showo up at work.

We also shift your team’s outlook to instill mindsets and attitudes that generate a sense of ownership, mutual accountability, synergy, creativity, and serendipity.  We believe that, of all the inputs and elements in your production cycle, only people can surprise you.  Only people can deliver more than expected.  And only remarkable leaders can help their people to play a larger game in life.

As you master and apply this approach, you lead your people to be “at cause” in their lives, develop a sense of belonging to something important, and come more alive than you may have ever imagined.   As your people grow, they will discover that work can be fun, creative, and fulfilling.

“Tony thinks so far outside the box that there is no box,
no denial of opportunity.”

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