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Simply stated, the brain is a social organ, and so is your team.  We guide business owners so they can transform the mood & energy of their workplace – and to touch the hearts & minds of the people you serve & provide. 

The Power of Brain-Savvy leaders

A Deeper Perspective

For 35-years, I produced results for others, through others.

I turned a company around, I started a division for another company, and, earlier in my careeer, I was named Sales-Rep-of-the-Year and manager of the year at several companies, including Xerox & Pitney Bowes.  I like to produce results!

But my life – and my perspective – were transformed through my journey with cancer. It taught me the futility of success without fulfillment. Now I know that fun & goodt energy are essential to  collective intelligence and peak mental performance.  

What cancer taught me about team heatlth & vitality 

In 2011, my oncologist told me to be prepared, because the odds weren’t good that I’d still be alive in 2015.

I beat those odds. At a 2016 checkup, he turned & said to me:

“I don’t know how you did it, Tony, but you’re as healthy now as if you never had cancer.  You don’t need to see me any more.”

Cancer was my mentor; it got me to take a hard look at myself; that’s why I beat the odds. In those 5 years, I faced my fears & made myself whole. I learned to connect with myself.

Cancer  taught me that, to be whole & fulfilled, we must embrace & work with – not against – what is within of us.  And with one another.

The way we’ve been working isn’t working anymore.

Let me show you how to create a fulfilling workplace and a team that has fun, dynamic & brilliant!  You can transform your results – &  touch the lives of the people who work for you!

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The Nature of My Presence

What You Get By Connecting With Tony

I help you connect to the best inside you – so you can connect to the best in your people.

Then you tune into your deeper capacities and make more impact on your staff, your customers & your business.

I’ve arranged these testimonials to illustrate my deeper qualities and how I can help you build the brains of your business.

If you want to become a natural-born leader & raise your teams’ Performance Potential,  then I invite you to schedule a conversation with me!

Tony’s Leadership Qualities

A Powerful Presence

 “What stands out about Tony is his presence.”
– X.L., Oakland, CA

“He’s available in a way that many people never are – he’s a really easy entry & he goes deep really easily.”

“Tony is super comfortable with who he is. There’s no angst. A word that comes up for me – for him – is peace.  Peace comes off him like waves.  It comes from how he show up, how he is just who he is.”
– Dana Cory, Portland, OR

He Connects & Encourages people

Tony encourages others to be themselves, to feel good about themselves & to grow and participate in life.”
– X.L. Coach & Leadership Consultant

“Tony connects quickly with others, but what’s amazing is how he connects – he lifts you up; he encourages you to feel good about yourself”
– RD, Oakland, CA

“Tony is really open. He has a quiet strength & an open heart. He creates an upward spiral of positive expectations.”
– Susan B, St Louis 

He helps you Tune in to your highest self

“He has a magical way of creating a safe place. He listens openly, without judgment. His honesty & self-awareness let me reflect on my world & notice the best parts of myself“
-RD, Oakland, CA

 “He leaves me feeling better about myself – that’s huge. He asks penetrating questions that help me face things I tend to avoid or overlook. He looks deep & helps me go there with him. I’m inspired by him – he amps up my commitment to being myself.”
– Peter M, Los Angeles, CA

“Tony creates an inviting experience of openness.  It lets me step back & look at things from a new perspective. I can dive below the surface. He helps me explore things I haven’t thought about for awhile.”
– BI, Berkeley, CA 

He helps you get the right things in focus

 “Tony helps you quiet all the noise & chatter so that your truth is unobstructed. That’s when, for me, something new reveals itself.”
– Dawn, Los Angeles, CA

 “He gives me space to notice what I say to myself. I get a new clarity & can mute the static in my head. Then I can hear my heart & body.

 – Irina K, Oakland, CA

Tony helps me clarify what I want & who I need to be – now – to get what I want. He helps me tune into who I want to be, rather than who I used to be.” 

He's energizing & Uplifting

His energy is impressive – his optimism is uplifting, energizing & contagious. 
– T.G., Alameda

“He has an infectious sense of fun & he invites you to laugh at yourself.  When he’s around, there’s laughter.”

– R.D., Oakland, CA

“Tony has incredibly good, uplifting energy. He gives me the confidence to explore anything, from any angle.  With his “up” way of listening, I find myself in a more assured space.
– K.G., Seattle, WA 

He's Resilient & Resourceful

“He keeps his head. When faced with problems or the unexpected, he seeks solutions. He quickly finds – & focuses on – the opportunities.  He’s one of the most resilient people I know.  
– RD, Oakland, CA

“Tony seems to think so far outside the box that there is no box to limit your options.”

“There’s a word in Spanish I would use, that doesn’t translate into English – it’s like “Spark” but it conveys someone who gets your mind sparking, so that you think in new, more useful ways.”
BI, Berkeley, CA

“Tony creates incredible space. He brought in the power of the bigger picture to give me a positive new perspective, one which helps me avoid getting caught up in the emotions of the moment.”
– Jenny Knowles, Oakland, CA 

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Build Your Team's Brainpower

When you build the smarts of your team, you also raise raise their:

  • Confidence & Assurance
  • Morale & Dedication
  • Bias to Take Action
  • Communication Success
  • Sense of Purpose & Fulfillment 

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