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Want to get them turned on, tapped in & outrageously productive?

Think about it.  People do

their best work when they’re

happy, confident & among friends.


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The 7 Worst MoodsGet Into the Agile Mood

Is your team stuck?
Do You Face These Types of Challenges With Your People?

These are the symptoms of bad moods

  •  Does it drive you nuts when your team-members undermine each other to push their own agendas?
  • Are results failing to meet your goals?
  • Do the day-to-day demands of your role leave you NO TIME to develop strategy or influence key people?
  • Does the pace of change & competition stress out and overtax your staff?
  • Do you grind your teeth when you have to jump into day-to-day operations and resolve issues your staff should have anticipated?
  • Do you lose it when you have a great opportunity but can’t source talent to staff the new initiative?
  • Do you carry tensions and frustrations from the office when you go home? Does the workday leave you exhausted?
  • Do key lieutenants have blind spots that they don’t address or resolve?
  • Are you frustrated by the degree of conflict and dissension that obstructs progress and growth?


The most productive companies share a set of characteristics we call the Agile Mood.

These characteristics are cited in studies on emotional intelligence, neuro-science, positive psychology, and business journals such as the Harvard Business Review.

Let us show you how to shift the direction of your business.  Put aside those persistant old frustrations that stand between you and your goals.

Fix it up so that your people open up and come alive. Dial in your corporate culture to promote inter-emotional intelligence.

Help your people work together, all on one page!

The link between Human Energy and success

offer hope…

The link between Human Energy and success

How Bad Moods Depress the Energy and Innovation of Your Team

Great moods build engagement, excitement, motivation and innovation.  If your team, divisioin or company has struggled, if staff turnover is high, or if you have opportunities to grow but cvan’t find the talent, then build the talent that’s already on board.
Bad moods prevail until they are acknowledged as an impediment to your success.  Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Which bad moods afflict your opertaions?
What has it been costing your company?

  • Added labor costs?
  • Missed opportunities?
  • Offended clients?
  • Lack of innovation and follow-through?

Mood contagions keep spreading until the underlying causes are dealt with.  What creates the contagion at your workplace?

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Stress and bad moods diminish our mental agility.  Resentments and ambivelence interfere with d=cteativity and motivation. How does this affect your company?

In a 2013 survey, Gallup reports that only 13% of employees consider themselves engaged at work;  63% say they are not engaged and 24% are actively disengaged.  

A driving force of bad moods is incivility. 

For example, The Harvard Business Review cites a poll that finds:

  • 43% of those on receiving end of rudeness at work decreased their work output
  • 47% cut back the number of hours they spend at the office after being treated rudely
  • 38% intentionally reduced the quality of their work
  • 80% said they lost time brooding over on an incident of incivility
  • 63% said they avoided the offending party, resulting in lost work time
  • 12% said they left the job where it occurred

What could your company accomplish if your people pulled together?

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