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A company’s success and culture is a direct reflection of both the CEO and the leaders in key roles. All top athletes have coaches, all game-changing executives do, and all senior executive teams need one, too.

Coaching is the most effective way to see and recognize interpersonal dynamics, personal blind spots, and unnoticed parellels in your kep people’s thinking.  It not only enhances your vision, it reduces challenging behaviors and accounts for what people are trying to do and whether their efforts are fruitful or counterproductive.  people don’t grow and evolve in isolation.

Executive-level coaching is focused on optimizing one’s leadership skills and ability to cultivate leadership in others. A coach helps you become more influential, deepens your ability to create trust and connection between members of your team, and serves as a sounding board for business strategy. In our work together we will:

  • Discover the real reasons you’re not getting the results you want… so you can now get them
  • Get you clear and powerfully in action, aligning your behaviors with your strategy
  • Look objectively at your thinking & decision making framework. Discover your blind spots
  • Craft  your leadership abilities and style to enable your team to play a much larger game
  • Align all the parts of you that are in conflict with the results you want in your work and in your life.


We enable leaders to:

  • Increase executive presence and composure under pressure
  • Become effective communicators, influencers and delegators
  • Develop team engagement, authenticity and effectiveness
  • Increase facilitative skills to produce productive group dialogue and action
  • Cultivate organizational cultures of courage, trust and respect


Are you a leader who recognizes that an inspired team is the key to innovating and sustainably growing your company?

Do you wonder how to create the inspiring energy and enthusiasm to take you there?

  • Would you like to build a culture of innovation, engagement and cooperation?
  • Be an influential leader?
  • Propel sales results?
  • Bring your people out from their silos and departments so they start pulling together?
  • Create an engaged culture where your people thrive, and step forward to to ask for and take new responsibility?
  • Shift mindsets to collaborate, innovate and confront the stark truths about your market and environment?


I offer coaching and consulting services to business owners and executives. My target clients are owners, CEOs and division directors of medium businesses who struggle with their numbers. My typical client has a track record of growing his/her company year over year, but who has stopped growing; what has worked in the past is not working now, and revenue growth is flat.

I help my clients get more from their team and re-establish their growth trajectory. We create a culture that reflects the best qualities of the executive(s) to instill an infectious sense of confidence and fulfillment among their staff.  That’s why my clients witness new levels of innovation, performance and inspiration from people they thought they already knew and understood.


Executive Coaching

My coaching clients call me their emotional chiropractor.  As a coach, I help them get in touch with the emotions that drive their behavior, and to cultivate those feelings that give them a positive outlook and generate greater success and cooperation in the people around them.

As a business coach, I work one on one with business owners and senior executives to build energizing leadership and influencing skills; these are skills modeled from the instinctive behaviors of outstanding leaders and communicators.  I break these down into small, sequential, concepts and steps so that you, or any motivated executive, can add them to your own menu of behaviors to choose from.

I call the collection of skills you will learn from me “energizing influence.”  With these, you’ll have greater influence on the mental states of the people who matter to your success – your staff, colleagues, clients, board members and market leaders.

When you can inspire and raise the energy of other people, engage their emotions and rely on them to take responsibility and deliver on their vision, you’ll have your hands on the control panel of corporate mood management.  Plus, you and everyone on your team will start having more fun.


Professional Coaching.

For staff members who work for ineffective team leaders, where people and departments seem to work against each other’s success, I offer communication coaching on how to be a team member who makes a difference. Even when you don’t have direct authority for a group, you can exert significant influence on those who do by developing positive mind sets and awareness of individual and cultural styles.

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