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Create a Passionate, “Get-it-Done” Culture

Our mission is to make companies successful by raising the energy and presence of all the people who work for them.  What makes teams and companies successful, responsive, resilient and innovative is the way we mobilize the minds of our people  and the spirit of our culture.

 “The bottom-line message: we should work to cultivate positive emotions in those around us…as a means to achieve business productivity, innovation & psychological growth over time.”

Barbara Fredrickson
Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


When we make a difference for others, we feel great.


Rising up to our best capacities involves overcoming our natural insecurities & caution 

Challenge your people to play a bigger game in their life.  As their assurance grows, so will their contributions 

When you help people find their sense of assurance, you unwind the defensiveness of an “everyone out for themselves” culture.

When your people play big, everyone wins.

Positive Expectations

We live in a VUCA world – conditions are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous, and we all get caught off-guard. 

But when you communicate your confidence in your team, & in their ability to rise to the occassion, they generally will.

Positive expectations help people get  back in the game, with more curiosity, confidence and resourcefulness

Accept and Allow

Another key to leadership is building an inclusive environment, where people feel accepted for who they are, and know they are allowed to share their perspective and see and hear what is here & now. 

This let’s the team gauge more clearly the brutal truth of your outside reality, and respond more effectively.


Creative Communications

Team building brings people from different backgrounds and creates shared values, experiences and identity.

We help shift your culture from “camps and silos” to a tribe out to make an impact on the world – together

Over time your people will gain the socially flexible to appreciate others and stay aligned.

Positive Expectations

(Mental Agility) You may have been managing your cognitie culture, but without an emotional foundation, success is elusive.

(What about deBono’s 6 hats?)

By creating a sense of safety and belonging, you free people’s critter brains from anxieties over sensed danger.

This unleashes a tremendous energy, and our brains let more blood flow to the creative neo-cortex, the seat of creative thinking.  You literally turbo-charge your people’s ability to  contribute.

This create a chain of possibilities that leads to greater curiosity, energy, engagement, collaboration, innovation and, in turn, greater profits and growth

Creative Communicating

value clear communication & strive to create connection & emotional honesty. We balance advocacy for our positions with interest and curiosity for the perspectives of others.

We speak from the heart & notice which words generate the power to move us all towards results instead of magnifuing our fears, doubts, complaints & hesitation. 

We foster authentic, heart-felt communication.  

Intentions built on common values

We intend to include and unleash everyone we work with. We find, articulate and embrace values that unite us, and we set intentions to live by those values in our work.

Tribal Evolution

We recognize that social climates are subject to negative expectations, and that leaders have great power to influence the culture to bring about positive qualities and expectations.  

We believe that, as we do, the team become a tribe and everyone comes to realize that there is greater stregth in having each other’s backs than securing our own selfish self-promotion.



 We apmlify autonomy, creativity, self-expression & self-discovery through inclusion

Everyone sees a different piece of the truth, and we value  everyone’s perspective when we take stock of the “outside-reality.”  Before we change or introduce our services, we ask everyone what they see and hear from their unique perspective.  We seek input equally from the shy & soft spoken as we do from the assertive, powerful & articulate members of our tribe.


We bring great energy, passion and spirit to our lives & our work.  We amplify energy with our presence, by taking an active interest in others, enjoying who they are, rooting for them & by seeking to make a difference for everyone whose lives we touch.


We strive to foster well-being in our workplace, so that everyone goes home every evening feeling bouyant, energized & fulfilled.

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