Activate the Brain of Your Business

Why do moods Matter?

When teams feel good, they gain confidence & conjure greater collective intelligence!


Bad Moods Depress your team’s Energy, creativity & Unity

Use the “3-Rs” & Dispell Bad Moods

Moods drive our assuredness & behavior. It’s easy to see how corrosive bad moods are when you notice “The 3-Rs”

The “3-Rs” take hold when people feel unsure; they cause us to become:

  1. Reactive
  2. Resistant & 
  3. Resentful

We worry, isolate & fail to pull-as-one.

When we shift into good moods, our
3 Better-Rs” take hold & we become:

  1. Resourceful
  2. Resilient &
  3. Results – focused

The Brain of the Business is dedicated to helping leaders shift from the dead-end struggle with moods & get into the flow & joy of higher-level team coherence

Few leaders see their core problem…


…when people fall into bad moods, they think less clearly


Great leaders inspire & put their team into positive moods

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