how did your team get in A BAD MOOD?



People do their best work when they’re happy & confident


The Brains of Your Business



Why "The 3-Rs" are the key to moods & performance

“Can I really affect my team’s Mood?”
Of Course you can!

Take Control of your team’s mood!
Great moods can be your competitive advantage!

The problems you’ve tried to solve don’t address your real problem


The real problem is that 
your people sank into a Bad Mood!


The key to outrageous success

is establishing positive moods!


Bad Moods and the “3-Rs

It’s easy to notice the corrosive power of bad moods, if you know what to look for.

We call these “The 3-Rs”

When we feel threatened or uncertain, when we lack a sense of positive assurance, we fall prey to the “3-Rs:”

  1. Reactivity
  2. Resistance 
  3. Resentment

That why it’s hard for most leaders to get their people to pull-as-one.

The power of leading with neuroscience is that you can quickly shift your people into  high-performance behaviors.

Shift your people to the “3 Rewarding Rs” 

  1. Resourcefulness
  2. Resilience
  3. Results

The link between Moods & Human Energy

Negative Moods Neutralize

Energy, Engagement & Creativity

Stress and bad moods diminish mental agility & pull down performance.

In  it’s annual multi-nation surveys, Gallup reports that just 13-15% of employees consider themselves engaged at work;  63% are not engaged and up to 24% are actively disengaged.  

A driving force of disengagement is incivility between coworkers. 

For example, The Harvard Business Review cites polling that finds:

  • 43% of those on receiving end of rudeness at work say it decreases their level of effort
  • 47% (after being treated rudely) cut back how many hours they’ll put in at the office
  • 38% intentionally reduce the quality of their work
  • 80% said they lose time brooding over being treated rudely by others
  • 63% said they avoid the offending party, resulting in lost work time
  • 12% (1 in 8) say they left a previous job becuase of an incivil workplace culture

What could a brain-healthy social climate at work do for your team’s productivity?

What are bad moods currently costing your business (or chances for promotion)?

  • Added labor, turnover & training costs?
  • Ineffective leadership development programs for your people
  • Missed opportunities?
  • Offended clients?
  • Lack of innovation and follow-through?

Bad moods are major blocks to productivity.

There’s an irony here: EVERYONE wants to work in an upbeat climate & the rewards for lifting the mood are huge!  It’s not just outrageous results; you’r going to feel great & enjoy the fun & fulfillment of touching people’s lives & seeing the difference take hold! 

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Are you lifting your people up to their potential, or do you let their bad moods affect you & push your team into their shells?  Isn’t it like adding a single drop of black ink into a pitcher of clear water?

What kind of social climate are you going to create?

Get the Mood Right!

Nothing motivates people like being on a winning team. Harness the human energy around you & foster a brilliant team.

See your team go home every night feeling buoyant, energized & fulfilled!

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