The Neuroscience of Executive Teams

Raise Your Team’s Mood & Energy


Neuroscience has uncovered powerful ways to establish conditions for brain health and fitness.  As a leader, you can create a business climate that empowers your team to build brilliance & function at a higher creative capacity. The payoff is higher performance & more productivity, revenue & fulfillment.

The brain has been called the world’s most powerful machine, connecting over 500 trillion synapses. It’s also a social organ; we depend on others to create our sense of self & meaning.

Neuroscience offers evidence-based insights on how our brains are wired, how they integrate different specialized parts – both within the brain and within the social group or tribe. As we recognize that each person on a team has a separate perspective & unique resources, it’s easy to recognize the value of inclusion; how do we tap into the available information and resources at our disposal?

We ask the question, “what are the evidence-based creative principles that empower leaders to build more powerful, high-performance teams?

What we found is your best approach is to create a work climate that engages, encourages people to foster states of mind that unify them.  We’ve developed a simple approach to mastering this appraoch.  We call it S.T.E.A.M. – Safety, Trust, Energy, Assuredness & Meaning, so that people can open up, express themselves, grow & develop & function in a natural, world-class, championship level of engagement!


Raise performance by putting people at cause in their lives

The real key to leadership is creating conditions in which individuals thrive.

It's the experience people have of their own lives that limit their effectiveness, and teams are the best-kept secret for expanding energy & potential.

Few companies - or leaders - take responsibility for the emotional climate they create; they take a laissez-faire approach and hope for the best.

What they get is all kinds of self-limiting emotions and moods undermining the energy and conviction of the team's efforts.  People get reactive, feel down, de-energized and frustrated.  These moods generate social dysfunctions, including office politics, silos, disengaged staff and hobbled performance.

We show leaders how to raise the energy & resourcefulness of your people.  We help you mobilize the minds of your people to ampify results, innovation and conviction.

FInd out how to raise the energy & resourcefulness of your people.  When you mobilize their minds, they amplify ampify performance, innovation & results

We take you from Team to Tribe
We guide leaders like you through the simple, natural steps that transform old-school teams into what we refer to as "tribes." To us, tribes are supercharged teams where people pull together & tap into their "collective intelligence. When they do, they get on the same page to better navigate challenges, setbacks, tension and confusion that create stress. They become resilient!  

When you activate the "Brains of Your Business," you engage an inter-personal social intelligence that connects & integrates your tribe.  It makes everyone smarter because it aligns them in an engaging, positive social climate.


Executive Coaching 

Are your people running at half-speed?  Are your people producing a fraction of their potential?  Call today for an assessment


Mood-building skills training and facilitation

We offer training, workshops and facilitation to build the agile mood.

We help you nudge your people into a new paradigm.  Many will believe its all for show, others resist change because they know how to play a failing systems.


Executive Team Cohesion

We facilitate emotional and mutual regard among your executive team.

Imaging the next time your business makes a decision and the same message rolls down to staff from all members of the senior team.

Do you ever sense that the members of your executive team are more about the “Executive” than they are about the “Team?”


Elements of the Agile Mood

The new leadership skill: establishing a culture where everyone has more energy and functions at a higher creative level.

The agile mood starts with a positive, pro-social, positive attitude.  Ultimately, it replaces wariness and silos with openness and mutual regard.

Whatever your business, your team will excel as you develop the Agile Mood and your staff get more confident, collaborative and assured that they’re among friends who have their back.

Trust & Belonging

A stunning amount of mental energy (and the brain’s blood supply) is dedicated to scanning the environment for danger.  When people start climbing up into better moods, they do so together, and their sense of trust and safety grows, too, freeing up energy and creating new possibilities


Resilience is built with a focus on positive possibilities;  the negative can overwhelm and discourage.  When you build a positive mood, you surround your people with other resilient people who support and encourage them. Resilient people inspire and build up resilient people.

Emotional Agility

When people activate the reward circuits in each otherr’s brains, they feel good, and when they feel good, they think more clearly and creatively.

When this happens, the brain produces four chemical nuerotransmitters, which neuroscience shows can be jumped-started with simple behaviors. Do your people gett a daily DOSE?

You can follow Alex Haley’s advice and “Find the Good and Praise it.”

Upward spirals of Engagement

The safer and closer people feel to their colleagues, and the more they are lifted by mutual encouragement and beliefs, the more their brains shunt additional blood to the brain’s creative centers.  This generates greater confidence, assurance, innovation and courage

People say it just Feels great to work here

You know it when you got it!

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Good moods don’t just feel good; they unleash human potential

What the NS of LS does

Increases revenue

Creativity and innovation

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Activate the Brain of Your Business

Why do moods Matter?

When teams feel good, they gain confidence & conjure greater collective intelligence!


Don’t Settle For Less

Our Perspective

We’re introducing the best of neuroscience to business leadership. We focus on transforming the quality and effectiveness of decisions and actions across your enterprise.

Every organisation needs and wants agility (performance, engagement, innovation, talent development and middle management performance).

All the elements of agility depend on ONE THING – leaders who create a sense of assurance that empowers their people to activate greater mental resourcefulness

Agility elevates resourcefulness, which elevates engagement, productivity, common cause and personal satisfaction.  We help your leaders learn to choose actions that will create an agile mood between everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Ultimately it is leadership action, the thing that leaders actually do, that builds agility. The more your leaders support an agile mood, the more your company supports the sense that it is worth working for, worth investing in, worth buying from and worth partnering or supplying.

We  work with businesses to build a leadership action culture that creates the conditions for growth, innovation and performance.

Emotional Agility
Positive emotions are consistently associate with better eprformance, quality and customer services – and holds true across roles, industies and organizational levels

Emotional moods are based on a sense of safety.  They influence employee satisfaction, teamwork and such hard measures as financial performance and absenteeism.

When managers gloss over emotional culture, they gloss over a vital part of what makes people tick.

Mental Agility
Many companies now manage their cognitie culture, but without e=the emotional layer, cognitive excellence is not possible.  When you create a foundation of safety and belonging, you can turbo-charge everyone’s mental contributions.  A tremendous energy is released when our brains are able to stop scanning for danger in the environment and fully trust their surroundings and tribe.

This create a chain of possibilities that leads to greater curiosity, energy, engagement, collaboration, innovation and, in turn, greater profits and growth

Social Agility
There’s a vital shift from when we see coworkers and think “they are so different” to saying to ourselves “we are, in so many ways, just the same.” Over time people become socially flexible and can easily shift perspectives and stay aligned with one another.
Creative Agility
The agile mood establishes a climate of trust, safety and belonging, so that everyone feels free to express their perspectives, feelings and ideas.  This opens up new dimensions of creative expression.
The difference that makes a differnce
In anything you seek to do, there are typically half a dozen things that make 80% of the difference. Focus on those things.

Portitor elementum

The neuroscience of leadership (OLD)


When you master the emotional climate, you rise above company politics and light your people up.  That’s the secret of High Performance Teams 


Our coaching and consulting services target companies that are having difficulties achieving their vision, targets or are on the verge of collapse.

We specialize in the one thing that makes the biggest difference.  We specialize in emotional leadership, the one thing that many managers feel most challenged by, most skeptical of, and most afraid of diving into,

If you’re tired of avoiding the one thing that makes the biggest difference, contact us today and explore why the time is right to learn the most powerful leadership skill of all.

For centuries, there have been advocates for emotionial leadership, but they faced ridicule and skepticism.

Not any more.  Neuroscience is rapidly validating the power of emtional agility as the essential precondition for mental agility, creativity, and esprit de corp across the members of any team or organization.

If you want to develop powerful leadership, we can support you through:

  • Executive Coaching (1:1)
  • Executive Team Cohesion
  • Building new moods and frames of mind
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transition Management
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