Elevate Yourself – And Everyone Around You

Our Three Leadership Services

1. The Leadership Dojo For Individuals

Get a powerful skills development program that positions you to play a more dynamic leadership role.

You’ll develop a “felt-sense”  of what to do, even in the most challenging circumstances.

In this 6-month program, you’ll experience the transformation that you’ll take your team through

2. On-Site Team-Building

Got a team that you know has more potential?

This includes the Dojo, personal coaching, observation and on-site mentoring of both you and your team.

Does your team have more potential than they imagine?

We can help you develop a team-building process that will take your business to the next level


3. Leadership Coaching and Development for Your Company

If you want to create a leadership development program at your company, this is the path.

Schedule a “Brainpower Breakthrough” strategy session to explore our group mentoring & leadership programs.

We’ll design a program to get you where you’re meant to be. Sign up below for an assessment 

Apply for a Free, no-obligation


Consultation with Tony Thayer

Build Your Team's Brainpower

When you build the smarts of your team, you also raise raise their:

  • Confidence & Assurance
  • Morale & Dedication
  • Bias to Take Action
  • Communication Success
  • Sense of Purpose & Fulfillment 


 I also provide individual & leadership-team coaching.  Coaching provides you with an opportunity to deepen your abilities & improve your relationships.

If you’d like to tap into more of your potential, I invite you to book a free consultation; find out more.  Coaching is like having a sounding board, someone who follows your inner dialog to help you better track your experience & activate your deeper possibilities.  The focus is always on what you want and developing your strengths & self-awareness.


Raise performance by putting people at cause in their lives

The real key to leadership is creating conditions in which individuals thrive.

When people have trust, autonomy, & take meaning from their work, they come alive & play a bigger game in life.

We show you how to raise human energy & resourcefulness, so you can mobilize the minds of your people, ampify results, accelerate your career & have more fun.


 Climb “the Levels-of-Leadership” Ladder

 Our mission is to move you up the “Levels of Leadership Ladder,” developing your awareness of group behavior as you go so you can lift your team up to their optimal level of mental fitness.

Our approach combines 40 years of experience with insights from brain science & positive psychology.

These programs pull people together into a creative, motivated, “Get-it-done” culture.  If this is what you want, schedule your “Brainpower Breakthrough” consultation today!  



“Tony sparked some great ideas for the team, ideas that opened doors and closed business. His enthusiasm and good humor was infectious for both the team and the clients. I recommend Tony for any company who wants to gain an edge in a competitive market.”

– Kevin G, Regional Sales Director                 

Tony is an emotional chiropractor. The way he sees the world is uplifting.

– HK, Auburn, CA                                                         

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