I’ve seen it all – I’ve been an executive and sales rainmaker for over 30 years -sometimes for exciting, innovative international corporations, sometimes for stifling local businesses where people were afraid to rock the boat.   

Throughout my career I watched exceptional people choke out their inner spark and lose touch with their deepest sources of inspiration and motivation.

I’ve seen teams work at a fraction of their natural capacity.  I’ve seen companies with 8 cylinder talent operate on only 2 cylinders, where management reinforced thinking and climates that shut their people down.  These climates stifled the talent, innovation, motivation and animation that were available to come out.

My two greatest successes – when I really got to play the hero – occurred when I took demoralized groups of people and pulled them together.  In the first of these, I started a new division for a company and generated over $1 million in our first year.  In the second, I turned around a company teetering on the brink of failure.  In both cases, I gave my teams the freedom to rediscover and reinforce each other’s dreams, capabilities and passions.  I took people who felt suppressed and alone, and I helped them feel supported and connected. I showed them how to have each other’s backs.

Now I’m writing a second chapter to my life story.

Now I promote my vision to business owners who, like you, need to transform the results of their company.

We want to help you -and your executive teams – transform and re-energize your workplace.

We want to help you instill a climate where everyone gets on the same page and chases the same goals. We want to help you spark a new sense of engagement, collaboration and fulfillment, a climate that reinforces itself as everyone challenges each other to play their best game, to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Why? Because businesses today are called on to perform at higher levels of intensity.  There’s a climbing level of stress and the need for clarity and energy is at an all-time high. Business today has to perform on a higher level.

We apply evidence-based processes from neuro-science, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry to help you activate the untapped potential of your people.  The simple fact is that people perform at their prime when they’re in a positive, inter-mutual and collaborative mood.  We call this the agile mood.

The benefit to the executive is not just greater performance.  When you get the mood right, your team takes accountability and ownership of day to day operations, You get major new blocks of time to do what only you can do – to navigate your company into the future, to strategize and influence the market.

Creating positive moods creates the conditions that let your people fulfill their deepest needs.  When they do, they can put aside the small insecurities that, under prolonged stress, sabotage us all.

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