“Tony is a “Coach’s Coach,” one who brings out the best in people, who reflects their potential back to them. Tony’s most powerful qualities are his presence, empathy and positive expectation for who you can be.  It can feel electric to be seen, understood and recognized in this way from the outside.

Tony helps you overcome the self-critical narrative you keep running about yourself, so that you can start to see & believe in the power of your own gifts.

Tony connects really well.  He’s available in a way that many people never are – he’s a really easy entry & he goes deep really easily.

 Most people have several layers of barriers – but with Tony, there’s the sense that nothing’s pushing back.  We’re having a real conversation – we connect instead of making small talk. 

 Tony is totally approachable.  He’s easy to be with. There’s nothing off-putting or jarring. There’s nothing in the back of my mind wondering what’s going on with him – it all fits together.  He’s also got an engaging sense of humor, and brings a lightness to the darkest conversation.  He’s really good at holding space.”

– Dana C, Coach, Portland OR

Tony has a magical way of connecting…that really stands out.

“Tony has a magical way of connecting and reaching people that really stands out.  He creates a space where you can bring down your walls & open up.  It’s not just his words, but his tone, demeanor & body language.  He just shows that he cares, you get that right away.”

When Tony is coaching or facilitating, his attention & intelligence move with his purpose; it helps me “get in the zone” & find new avenues of thought & awareness. He lets you notice new doorways to walk through.

He has a magical way of creating an environment of safety. He listens very openly, without judgment. His honesty & self-awareness let me reflect on my world & notice some of the best parts of my journey. “

– Hanz K, Leadership Trainer, Auburn, CA

“He really pays attention; he gives me space to consider where my thoughts & feelings come from”

What’s amazing about Tony is how he listens – he kind of plugs into you. He creates a space, an aura, which helps me understand my thoughts so I can more clearly express them and gain a new clarity.

He listens, but it’s in a way that gives me space to reflect, to reconsider, and it invites me to go deep down.  He really pays attention, and, for me, it’s not just the high level, or superficial, he invites me to go deep down into the lowest levels.  He’s just very intuitive; he gives me space to consider where my thoughts and feelings come from.

Tony has the ability to get me to stop saying whatever I’ve been telling myself and focus on what’s really going on – he gets me to turn down all the white noise, the negative self-talk and worry that is generally playing inside my mind. 

He provides acceptance and a very safe space, a really warm, positive atmosphere.  I can say to myself – it’s OK, it’s OK; he gives me a place where I can think through what I have to say to myself. He guides me to hear the voice I want to hear, instead of the one that always seems to be speaking when I’m alone by myself, the one that tells me what’s wrong with my life.

When I talk with Tony, I feel at peace with myself.  It’s an uplifting feeling where I can feel at ease; calm, cool & collected. He’ encourages people to give love and receive love.”

– Irina K., Entrepreneur, Oakland, CA

“Tony has incredibly good energy, he’s uplifting.  He has the ability to create a spacious environment.  He gives me the sense that I can go anywhere and explore anything from any angle.  It’s pretty special – he has an “up” way of listening, so you find yourself in this assured space.  When I’m alone, I can get bogged down in my own circular logic.

Tony has this abundant joy – he just enjoys getting to explore how the world looks to you.  It creates an infectious sense of fun, like when you watch the puppy’s playing with each other.

What really stands out is his overall curiosity, how he engages and connects with people. He has the ability to find ways to reach out to people.  It’s pretty unusual.”

– Karen G, Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA

Tony “has an ‘up’ way of listening, so you find yourself in this assured space.”

“He looks deep and helps me go there with him.”

“Tony makes me feel welcome, safe and appreciated. He allows those parts of me that I normally keep hidden to feel safe and express themselves.

He has a certain appealing magnetism – I experience a judgment- free presence and his welcoming nature.

But he also asks penetrating questions that help me to face things that I tend to avoid or overlook. He looks deep and helps me go there with him. He asks really good questions.

He lets me feel better about myself – that’s huge. I’m inspired by him – by his own adventure of becoming more of himself – it makes me want to amp up my commitment to being myself – because of the example he sets.

What I find special about Tony is his kindness, gentleness and sincerity. And the sense of his adventurism about life. “

– Peter M., Los Angeles, CA

“Tony turns to find – and focus on – where the opportunities lie. Quickly.”
“Tony has a quiet, calm and deliberative manner, but I’m often surprised at how he responds when problems arise.  He’s right there with an ability to see solutions and opportunities.

He tends to keep his head when everyone around him loses theirs.  His gift is seeing other perspectives.  When faced with unexpected circumstances, most people tend to complain about life. Tony turns to find – and focus on – where the opportunities lie. Quickly.

When you learn his life story, you realize he has an amazing ability to bounce back; he’s one of the most resilient people I know – astonishingly so, like, in the 99th percentile.

He’s deeply considerate and empathetic man. Profoundly so. A true gentleman who has a humbling, self-deprecating humor.  He invites you to laugh at yourself.  When he’s around, there’s laughing.  That’s pretty rare.”

– Roland D, author & journalist, Oakland, CA

When I’m with Tony, I feel seen, heard, & appreciated. I feel I can open up & be myself with him.

“What stands out about Tony is his presence.  When he’s really there, really on, there’s a flow, a back and forth to the interaction that I can feel. 

When I’m with Tony, I feel seen, heard, & appreciated. He has this ability to really mirror me back to me. He’s very present. I feel I can open up and be myself with him.

Tony is really open.  He has a quiet strength and an amazing heart.  He’s gone through a lot yet he still leads with an open heart. Tony offers an upward spiral of positive expectations.”

– Susan B, Relationship Coach, St Louis, MO


His optimism is uplifting, energizing & contagious. I feel enriched & supported.

“Tony connects quickly with others, but what’s amazing is how he connects – he manages to lift you up; he encourages you to feel good about yourself.

Tony sees the best possibilities in the people he’s with.  There’s no sense of pushback or evaluation – he’s just fully there & the energy flows easily. 

The energy is really impressive – his optimism is uplifting, energizing & contagious.  Working with him, I feel enriched, connected, heard, seen & supported.

Tony has an interesting combination of life philosophy & youthfulness.  I hope I’m like him when I’m in my 60s!  I work with people in their 50s who feel that their lives are closing in on them, but he sees life opening up. He inspitres me to  see the better possibilities in the people I work with!”

– Tim G.  Coach, Alameda, CA

“What really stands out for me about Tony is his ability to track and reflect back. It’s powerful to hear myself be reflected back by him – I feel really seen & heard. He has a gentle disposition that I find comforting, & I appreciate his empathy. His keen sense of curiosity, mixed with compassion and heart, is very touching.

What I’notice after working with Tony is a greater sense of focus and drive, increased productivity, and a capacity to find ground when my experiences uproot me.”

– Yu Lin Kong, Coach, Los Angeles, CA

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