The Tony Thayer Leadership Dojo

The Dojo is a hands-on, experiential leadership development program designed for leaders who wish to inspire others, transform their results and make a difference in the lives of the people around them. 

We accept 12 qualified applicants for each of our 6-month programs.


  • We meet all day one Saturday a month
  • One evening a month, 2 weeks later.
  • Small teams will meet & consult 2x a month
“A martial-arts practice hall, a Dojo, is a place you practice to be the best you can be. But the true combat is not between one person & another. The true combat is between the people within ourselves”

– Michael Gerber

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Consultation with Tony Thayer

Build Your Team's Brainpower

When you build the smarts of your team, you also raise raise their:

  • Confidence & Assurance
  • Morale & Dedication
  • Bias to Take Action
  • Communication Success
  • Sense of Purpose & Fulfillment 

Get Leadership Traction

The Leadership Dojo provides you with an experiential approach to developing powerful new leadership skills. In this small-group program, you learn skills & experience the group transform from a collection of strangers into a highly-aligned team.  This will give you the “muscle-memory” to lead your own team through the same transformation, step by step!

The Dojo meets once a month for an all-day workshop intensive, and then once a week for evening review sessions.  Over the course of the program, you will build powerful relationships with the other participants, relationships that can serve you in profound ways for years to come.

At each monthly workshop, you’ll master a new leadership skill. We’ll prepare you to lead your own team with these new skills, You’ll learn what to do, but you’ll also learn how great it feels to evolve into a highly-aligned team.

From the Dojo, you will learn to touch the lives of your staff in profound new ways, help them play a bigger game in life, and work smarter. You will will be a leader whose people go home at night feeling buoyant, energized & fulfilled.

“Tony’s presence lifts energy, whether in a 1-on-1 or leading a group. He has a positive effect on mood & people feel more energized”

“Tony has a way of being present with others. When he’s there, he brings a nice quality of attention to the interaction, with curiosity, openness & awareness.”

Tony is a “Possibility Agent” who helps you become your dream”
-Yu Lin Kong, Los Angeles, CA 

Sign Up for the Next Dojo

The next Leadership Dojo begins Saturday, June 19, 2021.

Be part of this exclusive small group of dedicated leaders as they take the journey to master the elements of leadership and tribe-building.

The Dojo is a six-month program that meets for a full day one Saturday per month, plus a full-group monthly group call one Wednesday evening each month, a personal coaching session and small group calls 2x/month.

The Dojo begins on Runs on Saturdays From June 19 through November 13, 2021  .


Inspire Your People to Raise the Bar 

The Leadership Dojo is for leaders who want to acquire leadership skills in muscle-memory

In the group, you will experience the energy, awareness & bonding that develops as you move from being a Team to becoming a Tribe.  Each month, you’ll learn new skills to take back to your team to make a difference.

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