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As someone with 35 years of experience in leadership. I covered all the basis.  I was an analyst, an award-winning sales rainmaker, and rose to VP of sales and marketing.  Along the way I was also a consultant, an operations manager, and manager of customer service.

I worked in diverse industries ranging from Xerox to manufacturing equipment, from high-tech to telecommunications, from governement service to corporate out-sourcing.  I was even trained as a wilderness guide!

I  started a successful new division for a company and turned another company around when it was on the brink.

Then I stepped away from my career when my own life lurched to the brink. I was diagnosed with late-stage cancer and told I’d be lucky to see the start of 2016.

It wasn’t until I had to navigate the health-care world that I discovered the real art of resilience!

Now I’m on a mission, helping leaders raise their game by raising the energy of their teams.  Let me show you how to engage everyone on your team and pull together to make a bigger difference in each other’s lives – and the lives of your clients and collaborators!

My passion is instilling passion in people at work, so that everyone goes home every evening feeling buoynt, energized and fulfilled!

Hey, I was a lot like you; I rose to leadership by diving in without training & finding out what worked through trial and error.  I volunteered to save a mission-critical operation that had chewed up two experienced managers. It was a pressure cooker, but I knew going in that the “command & control” leadership style had not worked for my predecessors. So I experimented and, because I was committed to delievering results, I created a unique relationship with my teams.  Even though I led with a velvet gloves, my boss called me “The Bulldog.”

I know you want success. I know you are struggling to keep your head above water. I know you are tired of spinning your wheels and I know you want to make a positive impact on the people who report to you.

I know you want to live a rich & fulfilling life while growing the business of your dreams. 

I can help!

The good news is that making a positive impact is the key to getting outrageous results from the people around you.

I spent 35 years in corporate sales, operations & executive leadership, where I developed an engaging style that can help you transform your leadership capacities.

After a long & successful career, I raised my leadership edge after being diagnosed with late-stage cancer. I re-imagined my life to navigate & reach an unlikely future.  Once I did, I discovered the profound implications of brain science on the art of leadership.

Now I share my insights with leaders who want to build powerful teams. 

There is no greater gift than a leadership role.  No one else is able to touch the lives of so many people in such a positive way.


To survive a close call with cancer, I had to call on inner resources to heal myself. As I did, I learned the power of connecting & revealing my true self to people I depended on.

Getting that right did more than save my life.

I share the power of emotional presence with leaders who need to transform their results. I help them re-imagine their very purpose as leaders and make a real impact on their people, their customers, and their business.

I share my insights with business leaders who want to get it right. When you do, you will transform more than your results; you will transform the lives of everyone around you!

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